Energy Savings Toolkits

Energy Conservation Publications

Check out these energy conservation guides and booklets for homes and small businesses.


Maka, The Super Energy Saver
Maka will help families spot and put an end to "energy villains" lurking in the household with this handy, energy-saving activity guide.
Learn about Maka's energy mission.

Energy Tips

Energy Tips & Choices: A Guide to an Energy Efficient Home
Find dozens of money-saving tips - from what to look for when shopping for new appliances to how to get more out of the appliances you have.

Right Tree, Right Place

Planting the Right Tree in the Right Place
Get the long-term benefits (including utility bill savings), beauty and satisfaction from the trees you plant.

Power to Save

Power to Save
Understand your energy use and learn where you can trim electricity use to see some real savings.

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101 Ways to Save

101 Ways to Save
Practical tips to conserve energy, manage your bills, and protect the planet.

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Energy Calculators and Other Useful Information

The Air-Conditioner Sizing Calculator
Select the right sized air conditioning unit for your home so that it runs efficiently.

Appliance Operating Cost Calculator
Estimate the cost to operate appliances based in their wattage.

Light-Emitting Diode (LED) Lights
Learn all about choosing the right LED to suit your home and lifestyle.

Handy Tools
Learn about energy monitors and other items that can help manage your energy use.