Powering Our Community

New Renewable Energy Projects

Keep track of our progress on all of the various renewable energy projects currently in the works

Power Facts

Hawaiian Electric provides electricity for 95% of residents of the State of Hawaii on Oahu, Maui, Molokai, Lanai and Hawaii Island.

2019 renewable energy percentage* is 28.4%
Total customers: 465,466
(As of 12/31/2019)

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Number of customers: 306,368

Firm Generation:

Hawaiian Electric Plants

Kahe (oil): 650 MW
Waiau (oil): 500 MW
Campbell Industrial Park (diesel): 130 MW
Schofield (biofuel/diesel): 50 MW

Independent Power Producers

Kalaeloa Partners (oil): 208 MW
AES-Hawaii (coal): 180 MW
HPOWER (waste-to-energy): 68.5 MW
Airport Emergency Power Facility (biofuel): 8 MW

Total firm capacity: 1,794.5 MW

Deactivated Units

Honolulu (oil) (113 MW): 0 MW

Variable (As-Available) Generation:

Independent Power Producers

Kawailoa Wind: 69 MW
Kawailoa Solar: 49 MW
Waipio PV: 45.9
Kahuku Wind: 30 MW
Waianae Solar: 27.6 MW
West Loch Solar: 20 MW
Par Hawaii: 18.5 MW
Lanikuhana Solar: 14.7 MW
Island Energy Service: 9.6 MW
Waihonu Solar: 6.5 MW
Aloha Solar Fund 1: 5 MW
Kalaeloa Solar Two: 5 MW
Kalaeloa Renewable Energy Park (PV): 5 MW
Kapolei Sustainable Energy Park (PV): 1 MW

Customer-sited renewable: 471 MW

Approximate non-firm capacity: 777.8 MW

In Development:

Hoohana Solar: 52 MW + 208 MWh storage
Mililani I Solar: 39 MW + 156 MWh storage
Waiawa Solar: 36 MW + 144 MWh storage
Na Pua Makani (wind): 24 MW
AES West Oahu Solar: 12.5 MW + 50 MWh storage
Aloha Solar Energy Fund II: 5 MW
Mauka FIT 1 (solar): 3.5 MW
Community-Based Renewable Energy: 5 MW

Renewable energy percentage*: 25.2%
Renewable peak: 60% on May 5, 2019

Maui County

Serving Maui, Molokai & Lanai
Number of customers: 72,522

Firm Generation:

Hawaiian Electric Plants (Oil)

Maalaea: 212.1 MW
Kahului: 37.6 MW
Molokai: 12 MW
Lanai: 10.4 MW
Hana (dispersed generation): 2 MW

Total firm capacity: 274.1 MW

Variable (As-Available) Generation:

Independent Power Producers

Kaheawa Wind Farm I: 30 MW
Kaheawa Wind Farm II: 21 MW
Auwahi Wind Farm: 21 MW
Kuia Solar: 2.9 MW
South Maui Renewable Resources: 2.9 MW
Lanai Sustainability Research (PV): 1.2 MW
Makila Hydro: 0.5 MW

Customer-sited renewable: 113.1 MW

Approximate non-firm capacity: 192.1 MW

In Development:

Kuihelani Solar: 60 MW
Paeahu Solar: 15 MW
Community-Based Renewable Energy: 1.5 MW

Renewable energy percentage*: 40.8%
Renewable peak: 77% on April 15, 2019

Hawaii Island

Number of customers: 86,576

Firm Generation:

Hawaiian Electric Plants (Oil)

Keahole: 77.6 MW
Puna: 36.7 MW
Kanoelehua: 21 MW
Waimea: 7.5 MW
Hill: 5.5 MW
Dispersed generation: 5 MW

Independent Power Producers

Hamakua Energy (oil): 60 MW
Puna Geothermal Venture (out of service): 38 MW

Total firm capacity: 213.3 MW

Retired Units

Shipman (oil) (15.2 MW): 0 MW

Variable (As-Available) Generation:

Hawaiian Electric Plants

Puueo Hydro: 3.4 MW
Waiau Hydro: 1.1 MW

Independent Power Producers

Pakini Nui Wind: 20.5 MW
Wailuku River Hydro: 12.1 MW
Hawi Renewable Development (wind): 10.5 MW

Customer-sited renewable: 100 MW

Approximate non-firm capacity: 147.6 MW

In Development:

Hale Kuawehi Solar: 30 MW
Waikoloa Solar: 30 MW
Community-Based Renewable Energy: 1 MW

Renewable energy percentage*: 34.7%
Renewable peak: 67% on November 28, 2019

*Renewable energy percentages as defined by Hawaii Revised Statutes 269-91.
Generation capacity, in gross megawatts, in service as of 06/30/2020.